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Air and Gas Flow Meter

The mass flow meters of the red-y compact 2 series are characterized by powerful technology, intelligent functions and innovative design. The new generation of flow meters offers the user a high degree of flexibility in use: compact design, battery operation and touch display with backlighting.

How the mass flow meter works?

Inside the flow meter, there’s a small tube or sensor through which the gas flows. This sensor contains a heated element and one or more temperature sensors.The flow meter heats up the gas flowing through the sensor using the heated element. As the gas passes over the heated element, it absorbs some of the heat. Then the temperature sensors in the sensor measure the difference in temperature between the heated element and the gas. This temperature difference is directly proportional to the mass flow rate of the gas passing through the sensor. Based on the temperature difference and other factors such as the specific heat capacity of the gas, the flow meter calculates the mass flow rate of the gas and displays it on the digital readout.

The flow meter may be calibrated for specific gases to ensure accurate measurements across a range of flow rates and gas types and may provide output signals, such as analog or digital signals, for integration with control systems or data-logging devices.

The Vogtlin Red-y Compact 2 mass flow meter uses thermal dispersion principles to accurately measure the mass flow rate of gas passing through it. By heating the gas and measuring the temperature difference, it provides precise and reliable gas flow measurements for various industrial applications

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