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Doppler Flow Meters

The Doppler Flow Meter has been around for decades, simply because it is an instrument that is able to measure flow velocity without having to intrude into a body or a process. There are various applications where the doppler shift principle is applied in everyday life. Some examples are blood flow, open channel and measurements of liquid velocity in closed pipes. 

EESIFLO 3000 SERIES Doppler Flow Meter

Doppler flow meters for permanent installation on pipes with local display and 4-20 mA output. Available in 110 VAC or 220 VAC

EASZ 10-P Portable Doppler Flowmeter

Battery opertaed handheld flowmeter using the Doppler Shift Principle. Ideal for all pipe sizes and in applications where small particles or air are present in a liquid. Excellent tool for checking slurry pump output and in applications where mechanical flowmeters are failing. 

What applications are suitable for Doppler Flow Meter:

  1. Wastewater flow
  2. Sludge flow
  3. Raw Sewage flow
  4. Pipes with abrasive liquids e.g limestone slurry
  5. Dredging applications
  6. Various mining scenarios where rocks, stones,
  7. solids and other materials damage conventional flowmeters
  8. Slurry pumps outlet flow

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