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Magnetic Flow Meter

A range of high quality economically prices magnetic flowmeters for water and wastewater applications and fluids which are conductive. We provide the magnetic flow meter and a calibration certificate from an ILAC certified calibration house. A Magnetic Flow Meters measure volumetric flow rate and are popular where very low maintenance is required. Operators can simply order a magnetic flow meter, install it and forget about it.


  • Water abstraction flow
  • Water purification and desalination flow
  • Drinking water distribution networks
  • Revenue metering or billing
  • Leakage detection
  • Irrigation flow
  • Industry water
  • Cooling water flow rate
  • Wastewater flow
  • Sewage and sludge flow
  • Sea water flow


  • High Accuracy
  • Obstructionless Design
  • Linear Output
  • Corrosion Resistant Wetted Parts

What is Magnetic Flow Meter?

A magnetic flowmeter is commonly called a Magmeter. This flow meter principle exploits Faraday’s law . A voltage is picked up which is proportional to the average flow velocity. The following video presentation shows how the electrodes and coils play their part in the measurement.

When choosing a magnetic flowmeter, there are some considerations that need looking at:

  • What is the fluid type? Is it conductive? Magmeters work best with conductive fluids.
  • What does the fluid make up? Is it a slurry?
  • How would you like the flow readings displayed? Remotely or locally?
  • What outputs are required?
  • Consider the minimum and maximum velocity and the accuracy required within that range
  • Consider the normal and maximum pipe pressure
  • Consider the lowest and highest temperature that the magnetic flow meter will face
  • Is the fluid chemically compatible with the flow meter wetted parts?
  • Pipe size
  • Is the pipe full of liquid in normal operation?

When choosing a magnetic flowmeter, there are some considerations that need looking at:

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K-Series Magnetic Flow Meter


Jakarta, as Indonesia’s capital and largest city, faces significant challenges in water management due to rapid urbanization and population growth. Bandung, a major urban center in West Java, and Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest city, also grapple with water scarcity and pollution issues. Effective water and wastewater management is crucial in these densely populated areas to ensure sustainable development and public health.

K-meters Magnetic Flowmeter solutions are pivotal in Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya’s water treatment plants. Their electromagnetic technology provides accurate measurement of water flow rates, facilitating precise resource allocation and distribution. With features like built-in diagnostics and remote monitoring capabilities, K-meters Magnetic Flowmeters ensure continuous operation and enable proactive maintenance, enhancing overall system reliability and efficiency.

Medan, located in North Sumatra, is a hub for chemical processing industries, benefiting from its strategic location and access to raw materials. Semarang, a port city in Central Java, and Makassar, a key economic center in Sulawesi, also host chemical plants catering to diverse industries such as petrochemicals, textiles, and agriculture. These cities play a vital role in Indonesia’s chemical manufacturing sector, contributing to economic growth and industrial development.

In Medan, Semarang, and Makassar’s chemical processing facilities, K-meters Magnetic Flowmeters excel in measuring corrosive liquids and chemicals. Their robust construction and advanced lining materials resist corrosion and abrasion, ensuring longevity and reliability in harsh industrial environments. With real-time data acquisition and process integration capabilities, K-meters Magnetic Flowmeters enable precise control of chemical dosing and mixing, optimizing production efficiency and product quality.

Yogyakarta, renowned for its cultural heritage and tourism, boasts a thriving food and beverage industry, with a focus on traditional and specialty products. Bali, a popular tourist destination known for its vibrant culinary scene, and Malang, a culinary hotspot in East Java, are also key players in Indonesia’s food and beverage sector. These regions capitalize on their rich agricultural resources and cultural diversity to produce a wide range of culinary delights for domestic and international markets.

K-meters Magnetic Flowmeter solutions are essential for ensuring product quality and safety in Yogyakarta, Bali, and Malang’s food and beverage industry. Their hygienic design and sanitary fittings prevent contamination, meeting stringent food safety standards. By providing accurate measurement of liquid flows and temperature, K-meters Magnetic Flowmeters enable precise control of production processes, minimizing product waste and maximizing yield, thus enhancing overall operational efficiency and profitability.

Palembang, located in South Sumatra, is emerging as a pharmaceutical manufacturing hub, leveraging its strategic location and industrial infrastructure. Denpasar, the capital of Bali, and Pontianak, a major city in West Kalimantan, also have growing pharmaceutical industries catering to domestic and regional markets. These regions are witnessing increasing investments in pharmaceutical manufacturing to meet the rising demand for healthcare products in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

In Palembang, Denpasar, and Pontianak’s pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, K-meters Magnetic Flowmeters offer precise measurement of liquid ingredients critical for drug formulation. Their high accuracy and repeatability ensure consistent product quality, meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring patient safety. Integrated with data logging and validation features, K-meters Magnetic Flowmeters provide comprehensive process monitoring and documentation, facilitating compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and regulatory audits.

Balikpapan, situated in East Kalimantan, is a key center for Indonesia’s pulp and paper industry, benefiting from abundant timber resources and access to export markets. Batam, a free trade zone and industrial island near Singapore, and Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi, also host pulp and paper mills serving domestic and international customers. These regions contribute significantly to Indonesia’s forestry sector and export earnings through pulp and paper production.

K-meters Magnetic Flowmeter solutions play a vital role in Balikpapan, Batam, and Manado’s pulp and paper mills by accurately measuring the flow of pulp, paper stock, and chemicals. Their robust construction and resistance to harsh chemicals and abrasive materials ensure reliable performance in demanding paper manufacturing processes. With advanced diagnostics and predictive maintenance capabilities, K-meters Magnetic Flowmeters minimize unplanned downtime and optimize production efficiency, resulting in cost savings and increased profitability.

Samarinda, located in East Kalimantan, is a major coal mining center in Indonesia, playing a pivotal role in the country’s energy sector. Padang, a coastal city in West Sumatra, and Banjarmasin, the capital of South Kalimantan, also have significant mining activities, including coal, gold, and tin mining. These regions are key contributors to Indonesia’s mining industry, driving economic growth and infrastructure development.

In Samarinda, Padang, and Banjarmasin’s mining operations, K-meters Magnetic Flowmeters provide precise measurement of slurries, chemicals, and water essential for mineral processing. Their rugged design and resistance to abrasive materials ensure reliable operation in challenging mining environments. Equipped with remote monitoring and data analytics capabilities, K-meters Magnetic Flowmeters enable proactive process optimization, maximizing mineral recovery rates and reducing operating costs.

Jakarta, as Indonesia’s political and economic capital, serves as the headquarters for many oil and gas companies and government agencies regulating the sector. Surabaya, a major port city in East Java, and Balikpapan, located in East Kalimantan, are also key centers for Indonesia’s oil and gas industry, with extensive infrastructure supporting exploration, production, refining, and distribution activities. These regions play a crucial role in Indonesia’s energy security and economic development.

K-meters Magnetic Flowmeter solutions are indispensable in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Balikpapan’s oil and gas facilities for accurate measurement of hydrocarbon fluids. Their robust construction and immunity to fluid composition changes ensure reliable performance in various upstream, midstream, and downstream applications. Integrated with SCADA systems and cloud-based monitoring platforms, K-meters Magnetic Flowmeters provide real-time insights into fluid flow rates and conditions, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing the risk of costly downtime.

Semarang, located in Central Java, is a major hub for power generation, hosting thermal, hydroelectric, and renewable energy facilities. Makassar, the largest city in Sulawesi, and Palembang, situated in South Sumatra, also have significant power generation capacity, meeting the energy needs of industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. These regions are essential for Indonesia’s efforts to expand electricity access and achieve sustainable energy development.

In Semarang, Makassar, and Palembang’s power plants, K-meters Magnetic Flowmeters monitor cooling water, condensate, and other liquids critical for energy generation processes. Their high turndown ratio and low pressure drop characteristics ensure accurate measurement and minimize energy losses. Integrated with control systems and asset management platforms, K-meters Magnetic Flowmeters enable predictive maintenance scheduling and optimization of plant performance, ensuring reliable and efficient power generation operations.

Jakarta, as one of the most populous and urbanized cities in Southeast Asia, has a high demand for HVAC systems to provide comfort and indoor air quality in residential and commercial buildings. Bandung, known for its cool climate and educational institutions, and Surabaya, a bustling metropolis in East Java, also experience growing demand for HVAC solutions due to urbanization and economic development. These cities prioritize energy-efficient HVAC systems to mitigate environmental impact and reduce energy consumption.


K-meters Magnetic Flowmeter solutions optimize heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya by accurately measuring water and glycol flows for temperature control. Their compact size and modular design facilitate easy integration into existing HVAC infrastructure, minimizing installation time and costs. With advanced flow profiling and energy consumption monitoring capabilities, K-meters Magnetic Flowmeters enable fine-tuning of HVAC system performance, maximizing occupant comfort and energy efficiency while reducing operational expenses.

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