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What is an Ultrasonic Flowmeter?

An ultrasonic flow meter uses sound waves above human hearing levels to measure flow rates in liquids and gases. There are several ultrasonic flow measurement technologies available in the market which include transit time flowmeters and Doppler meters but the most popular technology by far is the transit time method.

What type of liquids can the Ultrasonic Flowmeter measure?

Basically, any type of liquid! Most users of clamp-on flowmeters are familiar with conducting water flow measurements in pipes. Yes, this is also a common application for our flowmeters but this is not a limitation. Our meters have also helped end users, contractors and consultants retrieve the flow data they need from a host of other liquids e.g.

  • Wastewater
  • Deionized Water
  • Liquid Slurries
  • Sludge
  • Chemicals

What are the advantages of using Ultrasonic flow meters?

  • Low installation effort and costs
  • Measurement is independent of fluid conductivity and pressure
  • No pressure loss, no possibility of leakage
  • Retrospective installation for existing plants possible
  • No cutting of pipes necessary, no interruption of process, no plant shut down
  • No additional fittings for maintenance required
  • Hygienic measurement, no risk of contamination, suitable for ultra clean liquids
  • No contact with medium, no risk of corrosion when used with aggressive media
  • Cost advantages when used with large diameter pipes, high pressure systems, etc.
  • Low stocking costs, nearly all pipe sizes are covered with only 2 types of sensors.

PORTALOK 7S- Portable Flowmeter

One of the advantages of the Portalok 7S ultrasonic flow meter are its proven track record and its thousands of reliable measurements in almost every imaginable clamp on flow application. The flow meter is extremely popular in flow surveys because of its ability to conduct speedy measurements with minimum user knowledge.  

Technicians in the field have testified that this is a virtually a “no fail” device that does not suffer from inherent problems found with many other clamp on flowmeters such as low signal strength, doubtful measurements and time consuming set ups. The Portalok 7S is also available in the United States, UK and parts of Asia as an ultrasonic flow meter rental unit to allow end users to “kick the tyres” before purchasing. The Portalok 7S is not just limited in measurements of water and water based solutions. The option to measure oil based fluids is also a part of its core design.

SONALOK 7S- Transit Time Flowmeter

The EESIFLO Sonalok 7SZ series of non-invasive flowmeters measures liquid flow accurately in full pipes by using ultrasonic technology. The single channel field mounted flow transmitter can be set using the keypad without the need for extra programming devices. The idea that sound waves are affected by a flowing material forms the basis for the measurement of flow.

Ultrasonic measurements are done by inserting ultrasonic probes into the pipe. The ultrasonic signals’ phase shifts, frequency fluctuations, and time discrepancies are then assessed. There is no impact of this measurement method on the liquid in motion. The pipe does not lose pressure, and the measuring device’s components do not wear out.

The operation doesn’t need to be stopped to disassemble the pipework because the ultrasonic sensors are clamped onto the outside of the pipe. Any kind of standard pipe, whether it is carrying clean or unclean liquids, can be used with the EESIFLO Sonalok 7SZ.



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