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Flowmeters for the Metal and Mining Industry

Flow meters in the mining industries used several types of technologies to measure liquid slurries in pipes when extracting metal and mineral reserves. Solids and liquid level and flow represent significant importance to the sector and often some applications that would not normally appear in a general industry environment outside of mines require something more durable. 

How can EESIFLO help?

EESIFLO offers a range of Doppler Flow Meter to help operators ensure that the process within the metals and mining industry is working consistently and efficiently. These are non-contacting solutions which do not interrupt a mining process such as sludge flow, slurry and potash flow, as well as leachate monitoring. These are flow meters designed for liquid flow measurements where a larger amount of aeration or solids (even small stones) might be present in the pipe. A doppler flowmeter might not be the ultimate solution in many cases but it certainly has helped operators to determine the flow rate in applications where no normal flow meter is suitable or where existing flow meters have been damaged or are drifting because of the conditions they encounter in mining applications.  

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