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A flow switch is a device used to monitor the flow of a liquid or gas in a pipeline. It typically contains a sensor that detects the flow rate and triggers a response, such as turning on or off a pump, activating an alarm, or sending a signal to a control system. Flow switches are commonly used in various industrial applications, including HVAC systems, water treatment plants, chemical processing, and oil refineries, to ensure proper flow and prevent damage or inefficiencies caused by inadequate or excessive flow rates.

Why chose Flow Switch?

Increased features, performance, and versatility are available in the FS16 Flow Switch. The FS16 provides visibility to the flow rate while providing alarm setThermal Instrument Model # 600-9/FS16 Dual Alarm Flow Switch. Pictured with 1/2″ MNPT Pipe Connection for Water Flow. Flow Indicator @ 40% of Full Scale Flow Rate.  points to help monitor your critical processes. Additionally, the FS16 can be configured to deliver fluid temperature across a 4-20 mA output. As usual, any instrument ordered from Thermal Instrument Company is designed to perform in industrial applications.

We build all of our flow elements out of 316SS, but offer other exotic materials as necessary dependent upon application need. Hastelloy, Tantalum, Monel, and others have been used in the harshest of flow applications. Our circuitry is housed in a cast aluminum enclosure that allows the end user to modify set points as necessary, quickly and easily. The instrument can be set up to monitor liquid or gas applications in line sizes as small as 1/4″ OD to large duct or pipe lines. If your process requires Flow / No Flow or the ability to set up a Low Flow Rate Alarm or High Flow Rate Alarm, or both, you have found the right switch.

​Advantages Of Thermal Instrument Mass Flow Switches:

  • No Moving Parts
  • Wide Turndown
  • Repeatable
  • Sensors Protected from Passing Fluid
  • Built for Industrial Applications
  • Multiple Process Connections
  • Exotic Materials & Sanitary Surface Finishes Available


FS-62-9/ 600-9

With its combination of durability, accuracy, versatility, and user-friendliness, this mass flow switch stands out as the cost-effective choice for your process flow needs. Its electronics are housed within a sturdy cast aluminum condulet, which can be seamlessly integrated onto the Model 62-9 and 600-9. This allows plant technicians to easily adjust the trip point in the field by manipulating the potentiometer. By using a voltmeter, technicians can then compare the trip point voltage with the calibration voltages provided on the accompanying calibration chart. Additionally, enabling the trip high/trip low function in the field is as simple as changing a jumper.

Key Features of Model # FS:

  • (1) Form C (SPDT) 5 Amp Relay
  • Field Adjustable Alarm Set Point
  • Field Adjustable for Trip High / Trip Low
  • Integral or Remote Mounted Circuitry 
  • All Welded 316SS Body Standard
  • Special Materials Available for Corrosion or Abrasion Resistance
  • In-line or Insertion Probe Option
  • Unobstructed Flow Path with Negligible Pressure Drop on Model # 600-9  
  • Numerous Process Connections
  • 250 to 500F Service
  • Pressure & Temperature Compensated
  • Protected Precision RTD Sensor
  • Explosion-Proof Construction
  • Calibration Chart Provided
  • Input Power 115/230 VAC or 24 VDC



The FS16 Flow Switch offers enhanced features, performance, and versatility. It provides clear visibility of flow rates and includes alarm set points to effectively monitor critical processes. Furthermore, the FS16 can be customized to deliver fluid temperature readings via a 4-20 mA output. At Thermal Instrument Company, every instrument is meticulously designed to excel in industrial applications. Our flow elements are crafted from durable materials such as 316SS, with options for exotic materials like Hastelloy, Tantalum, and Monel to meet specific application requirements. Housed in a rugged cast aluminum enclosure, our circuitry allows for easy modification of set points as needed. The FS16 is adaptable for liquid or gas applications, accommodating line sizes ranging from 1/4″ OD to larger ducts or pipelines. Whether you need Flow/No Flow detection or Low/High Flow Rate Alarms, the FS16 Flow Switch is the ideal solution for your process needs.

Key Features of Model # FS16:

  • 10 Bar LED Flow Rate Indication
  • (2) SPDT 10 Amp Relay Alarms Standard or (1) 10 Amp DPDT Relay Alarm (optional)
  •  4 – 20 mA Temperature Output Available
  • Adjustable Set Points & Hysterisis
  • Available as both an in-line (Model # 600-9) or Insertion Probe (Model # 62-9)


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